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moon gatherings, spellkeeps, ritual craft, magick spinning

Rising Moon Sisters:

ongoing events during the month including moon circles, nature & Mindfulness walks, and spellcrafting/ritual craft workshops

photo by Rising Moon Sisters


First off, we are thrilled to connect with you and we are SO looking forward to sharing our MAGICK with you all. 


Hi there! We are Mandy and Krystal, the founders of Rising Moon in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We first connected as Cancer survivors through YACC Young Adult Cancer Canada in late 2017. 


However the real sparkle happened in late 2018 when we both attended a local sisterhood circle in Edmonton without knowing the other person was going to be there.


Realizing that we both share a passion for community building, magick spinning and energy work, and that there is a need that exists for modern day covens and self care/self love  circles, we decided to collaborate and co-create and, Rising Moon was called into being. 

Rising Moon is a safe space for womyn to meet regularly in person and online, to hold space and share experiences ,and to spin magick together.  All levels of interest and experience are welcome here.


Regular seasonal celebrations and moon circles will be offered, as well as ritual and plant craft workshops.  

We work with Reiki, crystal healing, holistic nutrition, art education and plant potions and elixirs.


Our goal is to have this project and community bloom and evolve just like our beautiful friendship continues to build and grow.


Mandy and Krystal

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